Do you know what exactly is a Cloud?

A Data Center is also called “Cloud”.

Your Gmail inbox, Google drive.
A Data Center is a physical place with thousands of Hard Disks with your Data recorded.
When you pay an Email Service (Inbox) you’re paying for a space on Hard Disk somewhere for your emails. You pay for the security and protection of you data and you pay also for Disaster Recovery (BackUps). You don’t care for a blackout or physical problems you want to find you email available and online for you anytime.
And there is a lot of engineers working on different aspects.
Then Why Google give 15 GB for free to you?
How they earn from this?
Then all your emails and documents are not your own.
They analyze and have also the rights to look in all your documents and activities.

They own everything pass through your inbox, youtube account, Google Drive etc…

Think about it when you give your private life for free. It’s never too late.

Choose open-source projects with high encryption protocols.

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