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No more killing gamers?

Russian Drone Killers

I can understand how Warlords substitute human gap. During Obama’s service, US used gamers and gaming lovers to kill in the Middle East by killer drones.

When did drones turn into weapons?

Weaponisation [of drones] came almost immediately after 9/11. Predator drones had already observed Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaida leader, from the skies. But the first strike, in October 2001, missed its intended target, Taliban leader Mullah Omar. Some of his bodyguards were killed in a vehicle outside the leader’s compound instead. But this failure did not deter the US.

The Guardian – Killer drones: how many are there and who do they target?

Gaming Murders

Now Russian Leaders found solution in AI software programs. They understand how much difficult is managing humans, even soldiers. “Men against fire” is an episode in the third season from Black Mirror series (IMDB). There we can see how much complex is human manipulation.

A clip from “Men against fire” – Black Mirror

Not so far future

Future wars will be full of Artificial Intelligence weapons and Humanoid Robots. It’s difficult, that happens inside a Democratic nation. But democracy is not something simple to maintain. And when its pillars will fall again and again somewhere on earth, it’ll not be just killer drones.

Technology make our species unique, but the problem are insane minds that get the power to use it.

Atlas – Humanoid Robot by Boston Dynamics company

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