Why You need to spend less on Christmas

  1. Intro
  2. Christmas
  3. Manipulation of Culture
  4. Why we need attentions
  5. The experiment
  6. Conclusion

1. Intro

I was thinking about Christmas and why we need to spend a lot of money for it.

<< there’s something wrong>>

— I was thinking with a friend.

Actually, Christianity began between poor people, and it’s for poor people… then what happened?

2. Christmas

For Christmas, we don’t need to spend too much. Originally, Christmas was not about material gifts.

You can make a useful gift for someone you know He need it.

Could be a dinner, a cup of tea, a walk.

The concept we build nowadays is totally wrong. Who really believe in Christmas, and its original meaning, knows it.

If You don’t believe, it’s double hypocrisy. You harm yourself 2 times!

For first your pocket, you spend a lot of money on things that most will not be used. For second yourself: you follow something you’re not believing in. Just because everyone does, that you are obligated to.

Yes, if you ask to not receive and to not make gifts, you’ll seem a strange person. For someone not a good person. Just because you don’t want to make gifts.

3. Manipulation of culture

Is this freedom? Could you feel really free to do it?

Actually, if you don’t believe in God, in Jesus and don’t go to Church what is the sense to make Christmas? Then it’s something culturally, right?

But if it’s about old culture, an event where We can share time together and give attentions to the most important people in our lives… Then… Why we need to buy a lot of gifts?

Someone manipulated this cultural meaning during last centuries. Yes! Culture changes during time.

Christmas is also influenced by what we watch and see every day such as TV, socials, Ads posters etc… There are ways to manipulate and influence a social culture. The people that works in the media sector know this and study for it. We’re not making merely conjectures.

4. Why we need attentions?

It’s like the father that instead of taking free time to share with his son, he just buys him games or expensive things.

But kids require attentions! They need the presence of their parents. You can’t just replace this highest value for a kid with merely cheap objects.

It’s the same for Adults, we need attentions, sharing times.

Observe and look around! We fight during life for attentions.

We take good votes on exams and show it to our mother.

Furthermore, we try to take a high position in a competition and if I win I’ll show it to everyone.

We try to do something great such as a project, a company, or paint.

We want to show our home with new interior design and our taste to our guests.

Not only that, but we also make stupid video to have attentions from people without a clear goal, such as TikTok videos.

Most of us try to reach attentions, to prove our existence also for centuries after death. Scientists, inventors, writers, generals (army) aren’t different!

The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

5. The Experiment

A friend and I planned for an experiment: for fun and also to see what will happen!

We started to ask people to not receive gifts, and we’ll not make them. Furthermore, we also tried to explain our reasons.

Someone couldn’t understand, it’s something they do from years, why they’ve to change? Everyone is doing like this!

Someone others could look at you as an egoistic person!

Someone understands it! But feeling the social pressure around. It’s difficult to impose yourself and your point of view.

6. Conclusion

To change the society around us for the better. We need to bring a message by our actions and explain why.

It’s not easy and not for all people, not all people are interested to change the world.

But the most of us would like to understand why we do something. We need to do good for important people to us: partners, kids, family, and friends.

If you’d like to spend some money, then organize with friends or family members to give to people who need.

Collect Your old clothes and reusable object and donate them to no-profit organizations.

Help a Friend or a family you know in difficulties. Don’t be blind.

Don’t buy a gad-get or a book just to make a gift, cause Advertising Agencies tells you what is the spirit of Christmas.

Be free from manipulation! Enjoy Christmas with meaning and less money.

Christmas Event, Holidays.
Pic by Ian Schneider (https://unsplash.com/@goian)

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