How you protect your private files?

Do you protect your documents when you upload them to a USB stick or a Hard-Disk?
What if you lose your stick or someone maliciously or unintentionally reads your private or business documents?

In this post, I propose a software to try.

The criteria on which I based the choice is to be above all open-source and cross-platform.
The software is also freeware and relies on voluntary donations:

“VeraCrypt” (official website)

For Linux users, there is also another open-source software:

“ZuluCrypt” (official website)

The developer of ZuluCrypt provides a concise comparison between the two software packages on a forum:

ZuluCrypt and Veracrypt do entirely the same thing and ultimately, the tool that does user data encryption/decryption is an infrastructure in the Linux kernel known as “dm-crypt” and this infrastructure is completely unaware and indifferent to these tools.

The few differences between the two are […]

Veracrypt vs Zulucypt

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