What is something that rich people know that the rest of us would benefit from?

Bill Gates has publicly stated that each of his three children will inherit $10 million.

Okay, now that’s a lot of money, but it’s just a tiny fraction of the Gates’ multi-billion dollar fortune.

Consider this:

Bill Gates is worth around 115 billion dollars!

See this with zeros:


Compare to $10,000,000!

Each kid is getting 10/115,000 =
0.0087% of his fortune!

The three kids live in a 130+ million dollar home; they won’t even be able to keep the house they have lived in!

Why did Bill and Melinda Gates decide this?

Because they don’t want their kids to be lazy!

Here’s their own words:

“We want to strike a balance where they have the freedom to do anything but not a lot of money showered on them so they could go out and do nothing,” Bill Gates explained during a TED talk.

His fortune will be given to charitable causes.

Now to answer your question, what is something that rich people know that the rest of us would benefit from?

Money spoils people!

Bill Gates has proved in many ways to be an extraordinary human being, not only because he’s a visionary genius, but also because he’s never lost his mind with so much money, power, and fame.

Exemplary family!

source: www.quora.com/What-is-something-that-rich-people-know-that-the-rest-of-us-would-benefit-from/answer/Hector-Quintanilla

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