Why Freedom of speech does not apply on social media?

Why is there no freedom of expression on social media?

Because it’s a private platform and has its own rules written by whoever owns the domain and platform. Social media is private property! Social media platforms are not a public square. They aren’t public property, owned and operated by government.

Freedom of speech does not apply to social media because social media is owned and operated by private businesses. The proprietor of a social media platform has the legal right to determine what can and cannot be said on the platform.

Free Speech and Social Media: What Are Your Rights?
Many people are complaining about being kicked off social media platforms, either because of particular posts or because of a series of posts. Professor of law at New York School, Nadine Strossen, explains why you can’t apply your freedom of speech on Facebook, Twitter etc…

Is it fair that major social platforms shut down or ban the profiles of those who make misinformation? Is it necessary and justified in order to protect citizens?

This is a very sensitive issue. In principle, I say it is better to avoid censorship. But when a person harms society by spreading false and baseless information, something should be done. At the very least, it should be reported and punished if the action is done with obvious negative intentions.

But Who decides if an information is false and harmful?

I cannot suggest a perfect solution, but a simple idea to develop. In my opinion, it is important to initiate a public investigation to verify the origins of the phenomenon. Investigate also the intentions of who did it. Perhaps the fact of being investigated and prosecuted could be a deterrent and set an example to commit such actions.

Is it better to have a personal website?

Getting a personal site is better because you can publish whatever you want, within the limits of legality, without having to submit to the rules or share intimate information with a private company.
In fact, Socially Owned Platforms could be the future social network.

What are Socially Owned Social Platforms, and How Will They Solve the Problems of Social Networks?

As you can understand from the title, it aims to explain what are decentralized social networks.

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