VR Operative System

We can watch 360 ° videos and play VR GAMES. But why to not use an entire computer system in VR mode?
Work, draw, write, code, surf the web, make video calls using a VR interface.
Is there anyone working for this? How complex could it be to create a VR OS?
Why should we sit all day, merging into one piece with a chair?
Can we think of a computer that isn’t limited to our desk?

woman using laptop computer with vr headset

Good points:
– We can use mind and body.
– Can also be used for physical training.
– We can be more focused on work as we move.

– High performance hardware
– High graphic process
– High bandwidth for activities that require the Internet
– Could be a really expensive technology

After thinking and trying to imagine how much coud be useful and crazy. Surprisly I found someone that’s trying to make it.
We’re still in super-early days but we’re on the way!

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