Which one from your smart-gadgets is spying you?

As Mozilla’s supporters, we received an e-mail with a great project developed during last months. Just in time for the Christmas buying season in 2020.

It is a guide of 136 technological products with the relative valuations on how much they respect the rights to Privacy and Security.

The project started in 2017 by Ashley Boyd and covered later from the biggest newspapers as “New York Times” in 2017 and “WIRED” in 2018.

WIRED:Mozilla Makes a Naughty List of Gifts that Aren’t Secure

Cheddar:Mozilla Ranks Cyber-Safety of Your Holiday Shopping List

Mozilla’s *Privacy Not Included won a 2020 Webby in the “People’s Voice Award for Activism” category.


The rating scale ranges from “not creepy” to “very creepy “. Many of Facebook and Amazon’s products fall into the “super creepy” category.

Unlike Amazon, Facebook did not meet any of Mozilla’s security standards.
Google had 2 products categorized as “very creepy”. But generally little better than its biggest competitors. For Mozilla, it appears that Google protects its privacy better than its biggest competitors.

Apple has done better than other companies thanks to recent efforts on the privacy side.
Only a few products fall under “little creepy”.

Moleskine is “super creepy”, and in general all smart gadgets for Fitness and for our pets.

Meanwhile, Garmin, Withings, Eufy and smaller gadgets manufacturers have passed the standards far better than bigger tech companies.

Then to the delight of gamers: Nintendo Switch, PS5 and the Xbox Series X have all passed the “creepy” label.



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