Pandemic Greed

Pandemic Greed

Artistic Picture to help us think about what happened during quarantine on this 2020.

Now we can be more conscious after general panic.

Why we act like this?

Is it right?

Is it helpful?

How you feel about this image?

After all, when everything is passed. Could you do it again?

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One thought on “Pandemic Greed

  1. I guess this situation wasn’t expected from anyone. And it is ok and normal to be afraid. In the beginning we didn’t had reliable information and maybe we still don’t have. But we have the possibility to think by ourselves. To think about if it’s really necessary to empty the entire supermarkets. To buy 10 packs of toilet paper, 20 packs of pasta or to empty the reserve of masks and disinfectant in the pharmacies.
    So to answer your questions, no it’s not right or helpful. This reaction just made more problems. I’m feeling sad when I see the image.

    I hope this crisis will change us as a society. I hope we’ll get closer and rather help each other than being ignorant and just think about ourselves.
    After the first panic a lot of people started projects to help. For example to make the shopping for the people who are old or have a high risk to get infected. And a lot of people sewed masks. This is the right reaction during a situation like we had now. It’s not about to do something big. If everyone does a small part we can be great together.
    So take care about the people next to you.

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